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takethepic's Journal

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Welcome to takethepic graphics! Ran by purplecymbol. I make all kinds of graphics here, especially icons. ADD the community? :)


CREDIT. Make sure to credit everything you get from here. It's only so people will know where you got your graphics and can easily come here, instead of asking you.
DON'T HOTLINK. Save things to your computer or own host.
NO EDITING. Of anything you get from here! That means do not add any text, effects, or resize things. Leave them the way they were made. Don't ask me if you can edit something or use it as a base, I'll just ignore your comment. I made my icons from scratch, so can you.
MANNERS. They are nice and will get you far. ;)


Interested in becoming affiliates with takethepic? Comment here.
Don't know how to credit? Check this out.
Resources here.
Have a suggestion on what you'd like to see? Comment here.

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